What makes spirituality so attractive these days? – 3min read

Awareness, attention, wonder, love, being

These words are the embodiment of what spirituality and mindfulness bring through their teachings. Tim Stead encapsulates this attractiveness of spirituality and mindfulness in a recent article, by saying:

Spirituality in most faith traditions is about ‘seeing’ more deeply and more clearly what is true in life – seeing with the heart as well as the head. And mindfulness is all about the cultivation of ‘awareness’. The thinking and practices of mindfulness are developed in order to help us to become more aware of ourselves, of others and the interactions between the two – so that we can become better – wiser – at responding to what life throws at us.

Vice and creative agency Virtue released a new study, revealed at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. They suggested from the findings that only 20% of millennials and Gen Z attend traditional, organized spaces for religion. Julie Arbit, VP of insight at Vice, said:

The identities of young people today are complex and fluid and they want to form their own opinions. Organized religion is too rigid for this mindset. Spirituality can be self-defined and flexible. They can adopt or create the beliefs and practices that make the most sense for their unique personalities and lifestyles.

Spirituality without religion is now a commoditised market with companies like SoulCycle (finding your soul through cycling) and meditation app Headspace successfully tapping into this new trend.

Awareness, attention, wonder, love and being have strong relevancy today as they symbiotically work with the current state of our environment:

Awareness <—-> Uncertainty and volatility plague the headlines we read today (e.g. what will AI and machines do to our jobs?)

Attention <—-> Fast-paced world with many distractions (Hawaii introducing The Distracted Walking Law to fine pedestrians using phones while crossing roads)

Wonder <—-> Our fascination to break down and rationalise spawns appreciation for the bigger picture (e.g. recent studies that have reshaped the makeup of the human body by discovering humans are 90% microbial but only 10% human)

Love <—-> Growing connectivity of our world allows humans to connect and interact with different cultures to find the connection they desire

Being <—-> The rise of biophilic design in workplaces to allow our way of being with nature to thrive in man-made environments.

The meaning of life is found in every moment, philosophise your actions with a why and that meaning will bear fruit to your life.

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